Tiago C. - Handyman

2720 Vanløse
Medlem af Jobbi.dk
250 (350 first hour)
15 km.
32 år
Bruger siden:

Experienced handyman

All-around experience with maintenance and repair tasks around the flat/house.
Assembly and installation of furniture, Installation of lamps, TV wall mounts


Background in engineering

Practical experience
Over the last 2 years led the following works for personal projects/friends/family:
-renovation of own apartment ( replacement of wooden floors, repair walls and ceilings, install wallpaper...)
-installation of drywall on basement walls and ceiling
-construction of a wooden deck
-build a mezzanine bed structure with built-in storage

Personal toolbox:
-drills including hammer drill for concrete
-compressor with pneumatic nailer
-carpentry hand tools
-masonry hand tools
-paint tools
-bike tools
-general tools

Omtale af Tiago C.

25. okt. 2022

Tiago er supergod og behagelig. Kommer helt sikkert at bruge ham igen, hvis vi har brug for hjælp.


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